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Robert Boyd


About the artist:

Until moving to San Diego County in 2001, I had spent most of my life in Wisconsin.  I got my formal art training at University of Wisconsin-Platteville, taught for 24 years, then worked as an Industrial Designer for 15 years before retiring to work on my art full time in 2006.

As I sculpted shapes for products, I often wished I could just create shapes for the sake of art.  I enjoy experimenting with shapes, the relationships between the shapes, the interplay of colors, and the way the shapes and textures reflect or refract light using translucent and pearlescent glazes.

Growing up in Southwestern Wisconsin, I became aware of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright at an early age. Before I was old enough to study his "Organic Design" philosophy or understand his work on a cognitive level, I realized that it affected me on an emotional, spiritual level, and I became determined to understand this phenomenon. This has led to a lifelong passion for his architecture and an attempt to apply what I have learned to my own work.

For me, this "Organic" approach means that all parts of a design must be part of a greater whole, and that the greatest satisfaction and interest comes from bringing the individual design elements together in a way that is not all that obvious or predictable.

I want my art to be enjoyed as a process of ongoing discovery-- subtle nuances revealing themselves as the viewing angle changes, or as the lighting changes. I deliberately try to incorporate tension in my designs and, though the paintings are "static", I want the viewer to experience a kinetic viewing experience if they glance at a piece as they walk past.

For me the creation of art is a journey of discovery, always curious, probing, experimenting, with each piece representing just where I was, as an artist, at that particular point in time. I hope others enjoy and appreciate my work, but actually I do it to please myself.




Contact Info:

  Robert Boyd  
  Temecula, CA  92592  

Shipping Info:

  Sculptural wall reliefs can be shipped.  I need to construct a sturdy shipping crate = cost $100.  
  Shipping costs vary with weight, destination, and carrier.  

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